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You need the proper units-symbol-set for each scenario.

Please download the symbolset which is fitting to the downloaded scenario!!! ... the download-icons of the scenario and the symbol-set must be identic!!!!!!!! 


I have created my symbol-sets in an "unsorted" way, if you like to sort them, please note that this will affect any scenario which is using the "original" unsorted symbol-set. So you have to rework the scenario with the Editor.

I used (sometimes) German terms for my units. If you want to rename them to English language, that's no problem ... it doesn't take any effect to the game.

I have NOT created any tactial symbols for my symbol-sets (because I am never using the small resolution which is showing the units as tactical symbols).


Don't forget to make backups of your "old" files before overwriting anything!!!!!!!!!!!!


Unzip the scenario or graphic files to your "Medieval2/scenarios"-folder.

Sound files must be unzipped to the "sounds"-folder.


Very important!!!!!!:

 You MUST have installed my "new weapons" to play my scenarios!!!! (Unzip this files to your "Medieval2/sysdefs"-folder - after you have made a backup of your old files)



Any questions, wishes, own scenarios for upload .... !?!? .... just send me a message (click the flying horse)



New weapons for Medieval 2 For download: click the icon

Unzip this files to your "Medieval2/sysdefs"-folder.

This file contains additional weapons: Trebuchet, catapult, greek fire, sax (short sword of the Saxons), weapons for the Thirty Years War


Now additional armors are enclosed!!!!!!!! (Gambeson, breastplate and scalemail)

Latest additions: Weapons for the Thirty Years War and the late 17th Century!!!!!!

  Weapons Version 9.0 

(updated! 23. Febr. 2008) ... have added a "war waggon", if you want to use it: choose "pike" as combat weapon, "war waggon" as missile weapon and "war waggon" as armor!!!!

... newest addition: Plates for Thirty Years War, "Multiple-Tube-Gun"  , gun shield , pavese , granade as thrown weapon (for 17th Centuries battles)


Latest changes:

Some weapons are adjusted (maybe a little more historical). The long pikes have are less weighted now, because the Swiss pikes and later long pikes had a lower weight than the shorter early pikes.



  Sound (click icon for download)

 Modified sounds for Medieval2

(updated! 01. June 2005)



Symbol-Sets (new units for Medieval2)



Scenarios for Medieval 2





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