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 Units for German Peasants War scenarios (Bauernkriege) and the era of the Landsknechte 

 (REWORKED again! 03. March 2008, this set is totaly reworked and covers the whole 16th Century and the Swiss Wars now, have added many mercenaries and flags, reworked more unit icons for a better look ... this set includes now tactical signs for the level 1 resolution!!!!)




  Mercanaries / Landsknechte 

(REWORKED again! 3. March 2008, reworked more unit icons for a better look)  

Maybe you need this units-set for Swiss Wars and other battles during the Landsknecht-era!



 Medieval units-set 

 (updated! 13. Febr. 2008)



 Franks and Saxons 

(NEW! 08. February 2008)



  Germanic units-set (for "intergermanic" conflicts)

(updated! 22. Dec. 2005)



  Romans and Celts 

(NEW! 08. February 2008)



 Romans - Celt - Germanic Warriors

(updated! 22. June 2005)



  Norsemen-units (Saxons, Normans, Vikings ...)

(updated - improved some graphics! 05. Jan. 2006)




(updated! 05. February 2008)



  New "m2u"-symbolset (contains new units and weapons like trebuchet and catapults) 

 (updated! 27. March 2008) ... reworked some graphics

If you want to use the new weapons, you need my "New Weapons" - zip-file!!!!



 Thirty Years War symbolset (covers the 17th Century, the era of "Pike and Gun") 

 (reworked: 13. Febr. 2008 ... reworked some graphics and added a view more symbols)


If you want to use the new weapons, you need my "New Weapons" -zip-file!!!!



 Late 17th Century / early 18th Century symbolset (covers the era of "Pike and Gun" and Earl Marlborough)





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